Truman Peyote and Many Mansions both hail from Jamaica Plain, that row house with porch and distant yet close Boston neighborhood that’s home to a disco/bowling alley/bar/venue (The Milky Way) and many young and cool psychedelic bands it seems. I always loved the Boston music scene of the 80s and 90s (who didn’t?) and something tells me there’s a lot of cool shit there brewing under the surface. I gots to visit come Spring.

“Mind Island” is one track by Many Mansions off the 12″ split with TP, “Peaced Together.” It’s kind of tribal in the liberal use of hollow drum beats and chanting. But then there are the drones that make the sonic landscape modern. A simple guitar line brings the song out of haze and muck, directing the action and moving your mind along. Pretty great stuff for the time when you want to think on a linear line. Chase your thoughts. Straight into Malkovich.

Get the split, it’s out on The Whitehaus Family Record.

Mind Island: Many Mansions