Gabriel Wheeler

Some Sandwitches jams have been making their way around for a while now, but not until I heard “Grey Wizard” was I sure of my feelings about the band from San Francisco. I like these ethereal rock songs.

I think this is a sound that is very California in nature. Maybe it’s the mix of leftover hippie culture and the grime of illicit, underground San Francisco. Whatever it is, the sound of the Sandwitches, pretty harmonies, folksy singing, but with a dirty guitar sound accentuated by fuzz, seems to me like something that could only come from the (b)west coast.

Also, I think they play with two guitars, no bass. Just like Sleater-Kinney. YES.

“Grey Wizard” is coming out on March 2 on a Seven Sounds compilation, “In a Cloud: New Sounds from San Francisco. Also on the comp: Hannah and Raven of Grass Widow, Thee Oh Sees, Fresh & Onlys (a band that used to include members of the Sandwitches) and Jacques Butters. The band’s album, “How to Make Ambient Sadcake” is available here.

The Sandwitches will be in NYC on March 6 and will play a few SXSW shows, including the Gorilla vs. Bear showcase.

The Sandwitches: Grey Wizard