Tanlines, FaderFort, CMJ '08

The new song “Real Life” from the upcoming True Panther released EP by Tanlines, Settings, is available now.

If you’ve been following Tanlines and the band’s rapid ascent of the mountain, you’ll recognize this song. They have played it live, and it’s a jam. For the first time, I think, Tanlines is featuring the vocals of Eric Emm more so than the beats of Jesse Cohen or Emm’s guitar parts. This is an interesting move– Emm’s voice is David Gray like in it’s tenor, in a really nice and comforting way. It gives the song a romantic vibe… over all those dance-like inflections there is heartache and yearning! It’s a refreshing mix.

The EP is available soon. Info here.

Tanlines is playing Brooklyn Bowl, (will they fill the cavernous bat cave with sound??), with Acrylics on Feb. 5.

Tanlines: Real Life