by keith mcarthur

Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk is such a good name for a band. Also, they recorded this most recent song in Oregon, the land of dreams, the last great frontier. Or something.

This song, “Jeremy Irons Couples Skate” doesn’t conjure feelings or even thoughts of Jeremy Irons for me. No matter. It makes me feel kinda like i’m ready to go for a drive, a bike ride, a trip off into a lake. The band is ready for a big tour, (and is playing a bunch of NYC dates with Coasting) and the release of their upcoming album, Skeletor and Me.

Starting with a Velvet Underground inspired guitar line, some shakers and atmospheric haze, and eventually turning into a fuzzed orgy of sound, this song shows BBDDM’s promise. This is a track that is both sway and swoon worthy.

By the way, “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam is a great follow up to “Jeremy Irons Couples Skate.”

Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk: Jeremy Irons Couples Skate