Sometimes you wake up before you should, before you want to, before you need to. This is one of those times. To fill the silence, the eerie feeling of the world being asleep around you, music is called for. Not just any music will do. It should be either something you’ve never heard before, or something you know so well you could play it in your dreams. Your ears and mind, when you just wake up, pick up on bits and tones and connotations they normally don’t.

I received Pineapple Dream by French act Double u weeks ago. I listened and was immediately entranced by the dramatic sounds, the pianos, drums in crescendo and decrescendo. This particular song, “Breathing the Wind,” is aptly named. Listen to the breaths, the strings… It’s haunting.

The sun is starting to finally lighten the horizon. The sky is a lighter dark blue.

Pineapple Dream is out in March on Wool Recordings.

Double u: Breathing the Wind