Horsepital is 20-year-old Sam V. from Iowa City, Iowa. He’s a student, and works in a kitchen “cooking mass quantities of food.” Hmmmm. Sounds suspect.

Somehow in between cooking and studying Sam finds the time to craft songs that make you feel like a floozy. Wind in your hair, wind blowing your skirt up, wind moving you forward or making it hard to move.

“On the Sage” and “All Stills” showcase Sam’s ability to make music that is buoyant yet melancholy. What is it about electronic lo-fi that cries out in pleasure and pain at the same time?  “All Stills” gets kinda all still toward the end, taking a turn into psychedelic “Labyrinth” territory. You’ll see…

Horsepital has only played shows in Iowa, using a sampler, an organ and his voice. That will probably soon change. Everyone wants to be a floozy sometimes.

Horsepital: On the Sage

Horsepital: All Stills