A rock show is a collective experience. But not always. Last night’s Woods Family Creeps show at Monkeytown was very much a personal one– it had to be. While some music brings people together, other music helps one to discover their minds. Thoughts were definitely racing through my head…

Over 20-minute long earth jams, the members of Woods entranced the audience. The band mates traded off on instruments, to keep the vibes fresh. While the first song started slow and steady, moving from a hazy burn into a full-onslaught of tape feedback and wah wah guitar, the second started with Jeremy Earl’s falsetto pipes, making your ears yearn.

Looking around the room, everyone’s faces flecked with light from the psychedelic projections on four walls, showed what a personal experience this was. There was no posturing, no drunken, self-conscious dancing. Only shut eyes, bobbing heads and mouths, mouths agape.

This is music born out of hungry minds, hungry ears, starving hearts. Hours of long improvisation is the only way this stuff could come together like it did last night. That’s what they call work. Soul work.

This was the early show. If you saw the night show, let us know if it was a similar vibe/experience.

Woods Family Creeps: Party In The Pines