Today is the day for spaced out and scary sounds. Music to get lost in. Music that makes you want to dance for rain. Or sun. Or warmer weather, if you live in Brooklyn. Woods Family Creeps is the “alter-ego” band of Woods… I take that to mean it’s Woods doing crazzzzy stuff and noodling out over space jams instead of playing structured songs. And that’s cool. The alter-ego band is playing Monkeytown Monday night, to help close out that awesome space/club/restaurant. You should really try and get there before it closes. You need to make a reservation. And you should try and see something trippy because everyone sits on a couch in a black box type room, with projections all over the walls. It’s something to ponder, for sure.

The song is called “Party In The Pines,” which is what the Kemado show in Big Sur last summer was called. Everyone played…I wish, wish, wish I had been there. Definitely one of the great regrets of my life. If you havne’t been to Big Sur, California, you really should go. It’s like, MAGIC.

This is a live recording, you can even hear voices in there, so it must have been done at the Henry Miller Library, in Big Sur. Ooooof this is a good feeling! Check it….

Woods Family Creeps: Party in the Pines