This monster track hit my inbox recently and holy shit i’m glad i listened to it. It sounds like getting lost in a belly ache. And then deciding that that’s a fun experience, and you want to explore the pain and grossness. “Create Something to Love” is a growling mess of rough sounds, beats and female talk-sing vocals reminiscent of Elisa Ambrosio of Magik Markers.

Oreaganomics is from Chicago and all the songs on their release, Atlas Drugged, on The Collective Family, sound spooky and weird. These sounds could only have been made during an acid trip, or by people that have so much creativity oozing out of their ears and eyes that they can’t do anything but hide out and put stuff together until it sounds strange enough. Download the whole thing here. Also, all albums on The Collective Family are released under Creative Commons. RAD.

Oreaganomics: Create Something to Love