by Jon Bergman

Yuck is the band. “Georgia” is the song. Take a listen and try and tell me this Jesus and Mary Chain influenced pop song doesn’t make you want to start jumping around whatever room you’re currently in. In fact, I dare you all to do that right now. Just do it, don’t worry about who sees you. Like that scene in “Garden State” where Natalie Portman encourages dorky and emotionally stunted Zach Braff to do something “completely original,” something no one else has ever done. It could be freeing people!

I can’t find anything about Yuck besides this. Oh and Neu Magazine says they are playing dates in the UK. Figures!

Thanks guys for singing about me, it feels so good.

Yuck: Georgia

UPDATE: Get another Yuck song on their blog, called “Automatic.” It’s enchanting, but nothing like “Georgia,” which could suggest many things…