Jason Boesel, Jason Boesel, Jason Boesel. Just listen to his tenor that verges on baritone and tell me you don’t feel pangs in your heart. And if you know him already, the pain is just that much more beautifully painful.

He’s been playing drums with Rilo Kiley and Bright Eyes for many years now. And now, he’s going off on his own. And damn if he hasn’t made a great start at it.

Hustler’s Son is a gentle ride through Southern California influenced Americana. Boesel clearly has a lot of love and respect for Byrds-era songs and the echoes that are only possible in caverns like Coldwater and Laurel. You can hear it here on “French Kissing.”

Be sure to see a live show- he’s on tour for the next month. It’s not going to be a spaced out stoner vibe show. It’s not going to be lo-fi. It’s going to be clean, honest, uplifting. Only true California bands can be like that.

Jason Boesel: French Kissing

Hustler’s Son is out now on Team Love.