New Jersey bands are all the rage, and reality TV shows about certain Jersey “guidos” is the most popular “i only like this ironically” bit of American pop culture. But the band Screaming Females is some real shit that you can like without feeling like an asshole. Yes, this is the stuff that might make you open up your brain a bit more to the possibilities of awesome understanding and personal growth.

Marissa Paternoster and crew hail from New Brunswick, a part of Jersey that is culturally and racially diverse and has a history of economic struggle. It is a fact that climates that aren’t all picture perfect inspires art…

“I Do” is off the band’s upcoming Don Giovanni EP “Singles,” out Feb. 9. It features the all too grisly Paternoster guitar stylings that have given her quite the shredder reputation. The song is 90s esque in its verse, melody, guitar solo, verse, melody structure. I think if you were to ask the band who their greatest influences were you wouldn’t be surprised…

The song trickles off at the end, giving the impression that a hard rock song doesn’t have to end with a bang. Sometimes life is not all “boom pow” and then it’s over.

Don Giovanni hosts a big label showcase at Bowery Ballroom on Feb. 6.

Screaming Females: I Do