VEHICLE BLUES: Punks on Transit

Here’s another one from Bridgetown Records, which is slowly but surely becoming one of the best places to turn to when you’re in need of some fuzzy, lo-fi, stoner jams.

Vehicle Blues is Gabe Holcombe from Chicago. I can see this guy recording himself in a basement, or tucked into a corner behind a couch with a ratty and worn hand-knit blanket thrown over it, covering up the tatters and ripped edges. That’s what this music sounds like, existential, get me through, i’m gonna make it type noise jams.

“Punks on Transit” is the prettiest and most melodic of the songs i’ve heard. A simple drum machine loop anchors Holcombe’s pretty voice, which leads you through the short song like you’re in a dream. Be sure to check his Myspace for more droned-out tracks.

Holcombe has an itch that I think he needs to scratch. It’s wanderlust. Get outta the midwest, dude. But then, maybe, his songs wouldn’t be so spooked out and inspired.

“Punks on Transit” is out now. Get it here either alone, or bundled with other awesome winter releases from Cloud Nothings, Nicole Kidman, etc.