Some people just have a lot of pride and a lot of faith. One such person is Sam Hillmer.

Hillmer is kind of a Brooklyn extraordinaire: he plays experimental saxophone in Zs, runs programs for youth in Bushwick and brings people all around him together, inspiring creativity and collaboration. Hillmer is the dude behind Representing NYC, which links established Brooklyn musicians with budding youth who want to write and perform and You Are Here: The Maze, which set up shop in Death by Audio in September, turning the club into a maze and thus subverting the typical club experience.

Now, Hillmer is back with ¿REAL BUSHWICK/BUSHWICK RÉAL?, a joint venture between The Beacon Center for Arts and Leadership and Representing NYC. The Bushwick focused performance series is meant to represent the “multi-faceted communities that make up Bushwick’s vibrant arts scene.” The first performance is on Jan.  at IS 291 and features Nine 11 Thesaurus and Dan Friel from Parts & Labor.

Nine 11 Thesaurus began writing and rapping together after they met at Hillmer’s Representing NYC workshop at the Beacon. The group has released an album on Social Registry and played shows all over the city. Read a review here.

The series continues on Feb. 5 with Unicornicopia and youth performers The Beacon Dance Crew.