I both love and hate Brooklyn Bowl. Here’s a breakdown:


Cajun fried chicken with honey, big and luxurious leather couches, “Planet Earth” on multiple screens, absinthe cocktails, free shows.


Everything related to the stage and sound of bands that play there.


Sounds of bowling pins being struck

There are clearly more items in the LOVE category. But the band is what really matters, especially when the band is Real Estate, which pretty much owns a large chunk of my head right now.

The band was really tight last night, (they could play these songs in their sleep), but I think the large room and the unbelievably large crowd may have been startling. Maybe. I mean, 3/4 of the band played Bruar Falls the night before backing up Julian Lynch. That place was packed too, but it’s maybe 1/50th the size of Brooklyn Bowl. Either way, the fire that i’ve seen these guys play with, most recently at the Market Hotel, wasn’t there last night. Or maybe it was, I just couldn’t feel it because it was gobbled up by the 30 foot ceilings.

The show was good, of course it was, but the room and the magnitude of the space stifled the sound.

The band debuted the track “Dumb Luck,” which is a melodic and enchanting song. I feel that the more Real Estate dig into those soft jam spots the better they sound. These guys get lost in extended soundscapes, and you can see it on their faces.

The Babies opened the night with pop garage rock. It was fun and clean– this band could be great.

Watch the twitvid, with bad sound, of what Martin ( @realyrealestate ) calls “Wonder Years.”