As I emerge from hiding and re-enter not only a new decade and year but also the coldness that is January in New York, I’m eagerly looking, no searching, for sounds to get me through it all. Jeff Walls, CAMPFIRES, is from Chicago, which I think may actually be colder than NYC right now. You know the wind off Lake Michigan and all. His most recent release, a tape for Leftist Nautical Antiques, is like an antidote. This fucking freezing morning, after walking the half-time dog and taking a few short breaths of cold air, I put it on. Suddenly, hello life!

I’ve been a fan for awhile, read more about Walls and his other releases here and here.

Campfires music is fuzzy and jangly- shuffling drums and reverb-y guitars and Walls dedicated voice: “…I’ll see you again.” The album is called “Burning Rivers, TV Flickers, Drifting Off to Bed.” Buy it here (won’t ship til February) and while you wait get the song the album is named after below and a couple of others at Get Off The Coast.

Campfires: Burning Rivers, TV Flickers, Drifting Off to Bed