Music is everything. It’s what sustains us, inspires us, drives us forward and makes us love life. What music also does is helps make the unbearable tasks less painful. Yes, what i’m referring to is working out, going to the gym. Or, in my case, the Bed-Stuy YMCA.

I hate working out. I get so bored. But I figured out a way to make it work, to make it worth my while (health issues aside). I thought going to the gym with my iPod would be the perfect time to get through some new music. But, actually, I was wrong. It’s hard to pay attention and listen to the nuances of music while working out. I don’t have the coordination. What you really need at the gym is JOCK JAMS. But I don’t listen to jock jams! So, here without further chatter, cool kid jock jams…

Cold Cave: Life Magazine

Washed Out: You Will Be Sad

Discovery: Swing Tree

Tanlines: Power Everything

The Tough Alliance: Something Special

Sonic Youth: Sugar Kane

Nite Jewel: Weak For Me (for the COOL DOWN mode)