No Demons Here was my highlight of Chocolate Bobka’s church show. While Mountain Man never cease to impress, No Demons Here, sitting quietly and thin-legged on the foot of the stage, so unassuming and frightless, made me feel like i was witnessing a turning point, a shift in the Earth’s foundations. I think Luka may have made me catch my breath, and I held it for a little too long, because i remember thinking, damn i’m dizzy. That may have just been the affect his music had on my psyche though.

It’s no secret that I’m a die-hard Bright Eyes fan. I think an audience member at an early Conor Oberst performance, and I mean really early, like when he was 13, may have felt like I felt on that freezing, early December night in Greenpoint. Like we were witness to something exceptional. I don’t think i’ve ever compared anyone to my beloved Oberst.

Luka Usmiani has a tape out, get it from him or on his blog, “I’m Actually Happy,” and he just released an EP that you can download yourself from his blog. Below is my favorite track from the new EP, “Shithed,” and “Cradles,” thanks to Chocolate Bobka for that rip.  Also, here’s a live recording of his set at the Church show, thanks to God Damn Cobras. Pay close attention for a cover (kinda) of the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” which is one of my favorite songs. Is it a successful cover???

No Demons Here: Shithed

No Demons Here: Cradles