Hilken Mancini of Fuzzy

I’m not sure how with the 90s most of you are. But in the mid to late 90s there was a little band outta Boston called Fuzzy, and boy did they write rip roaring pop monster songs. Dave Ryan from the Lemonheads was the original drummer. He’s fucking AWESOME. And i’m not just saying that because I love the Lemonheads. (Read my Q&A with Hilken Mancini, pictured)

Recently I heard the song “Come Saturday” again, by the incredibly poppy throwback band, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. It sounds soooo much like “Flashlight” by Fuzzy. I don’t think this is a rip- it’s just testament to how 90s the sound of POBPAH really is…


Pains of Being Pure at Heart: Come Saturday

Also, Fuzzy reunites tomorrow night in Boston. Wish I could be there…