Telekinesis is a Merge band, and it is very Merge-ian. Cute and solid melodies, classic song structure, clean sounds. It’s all there with this Seattle band.

The music of Michael Benjamin Lerner is pure-pop pleasure. I mean, the songs follow structure to a T, which is both a good and a bad thing, depending on what kind of mood you’re in. Some days all you want is an ice cream sundae, where all parts come together perfectly and you’re sweet tooth is satiated. Other days, well, something sweet and perfect really won’t cut it.

Also, do you all know what telekinesis is? It’s when you use your mind to control physical matter. DAMN. Can you really do that? Anyone wanna teach me?

Make sure you hear the love song, “I Saw Lightning,” on the band’s MySpace. And see the Daytrotter Session.

Telekinesis: Coast of Carolina