I’ve been hailing The Soft Pack since before they were The Soft Pack. Even before people really knew who The Muslims were! Ok, ok, that doesn’t really matter or mean anything. But The Soft Pack deserve the praises. Their debut LP has been in the making for more than a year, way more than a year, and after much hype, time, a strange tour (NME last early Spring with White Lies and Friendly Fires) and various media appearances, the album is set to drop on Feb. 2 on Kemado, the big brother to Mexican Summer.

This song off the album, “C’mon,” has a little bit of everything: 90s attitude, beach sensibility, California cool and 50s rockabilly vocal delivery. Did you know the drummer in The Soft Pack plays standing up? Think about that while listening to this song, you’ll notice through the sound. Cymbals just don’t sound that light!

The Soft Pack: C’Mon