In the same email as the new Cloud Nothings was two more fucking awesome bits of strange and inspired music. The first is an excerpt of Kevin Greenspon‘s “Window Pane,” off his upcoming cassette re-issue, Endless Distance. This song is so eerie in its instrumentation. The noise and sound bits and guitar drones couldn’t fit better than they already do. This is a song that turns your mind off and encourages you to look out the window and wonder. What could be, what has come to pass, what the next moment will bring. This all happens involuntarily. Get the tape, out on Tired Trails, in the next week or so.

The next shiny penny is “Tyrone,” a collaboration between Greenspon and Nicole Kidman. No! Not the strawberry-blonde Aussie! Nicole Kidman is the project of Jon Barba, Greenspon’s “best friend.” This track is so catchy and nostalgic. Talk about crushes, science teachers, 5th grade, you get the idea. Scratchy and distorted guitars that sound like toys and vocals all up front in the mix make me feel like a young child playing in a sand box. Like I said…nostalgia.

Kevin Greenspon and Nicole Kidman are touring the West Coast, er, the Best Coast, and playing tons of shows all over that great and bankrupt state. They will be selling their collaborative project, Blue Crush, which “Tyrone” is on. Wish I could be there! Check the respective MySpace’s for dates.

Kevin Greenspon: Window Pane (excerpt)

Kevin Greenspon and Nicole Kidman: Tyrone