A song full of direct riffs, chanting, distorted guitar solos and vocals laced with reverb, “Can’t Stay Awake” is a great wake up, get up type of song. Which, of course, is in direct contradiction with the song’s title. This song makes me want to wake up! I’m so glad the people at Bridgetown Records sent me this. Try it out– you’ll thank me.

It’s just over 2 minutes in length- so play it again and again. “Call, call, call, call, call me over.”

Cloud Nothings hail from the depressed land of Cleveland, also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Could these two factors have led to their fresh and dedicated sound?

“Can’t Stay Awake” is off the band’s debut on Bridgetown. Get it here.

The band is opening the Real Estate/Woods show on Friday at the Market Hotel. You definitely need to be there. This is a band that will surely bring the new jams you haven’t heard. And, well, we all know what to expect from Real Estate and Woods. (FUCKING HAZY JAMS that will leave you swimming for your life in delight.) The band is also playing on Saturday at Shea Stadium with Coasting.

Cloud Nothings: Can’t Stay Awake