Dear Jeff Walls’ project Campfires sees its Mexican Summer release! The 7″ features “Stormy Late Fall,” “Rustic Arcadia” and the newbie “She Was Down.” Go get it!

Today feels like STORMY LATE FALL, even though it’s winter.

Campfires’ music is pure lo-fi pop. When you get down to it, this is the stuff of peanut butter and fluff perfection. Shiny melodies, fuzzy guitars and lazy vocals, you’ll be lapping it up. I know i do. Like milk and honey and apples.

I did a Q&A with Campfires in October. Read more about him there, he’s very forthcoming about music, recording, the internet, etc. Here’s the exclusive he gave me then, which is very short and perfect. It’s on the 7″!!! It’ll sound better on wax!

Campfires: Rustic Arcadia

Buy it.