Carl Davis

The Shakes is named after a condition most likely to occur during a hangover or a spell of pneumonia. Both of which are very common and possible in the wilds of Bar Harbour, Maine. Trust me, i’ve been there. I’ve seen it all.

This song, “Gee Whiz,” rides in on a cold as hell wave of ocean water. The song is pretty yet crisp, hard-hitting and kind of sad. I love the double tracked vocals. The two voices are singing the same notes — they sound like echoes off a crystal clear lake.

This song has never been released. Last year the band changed its name to Rodick Lorraine, but they were still The Shakes when this song was recorded.

The Shakes are on an indefinite hiatus, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the songs of the Davis brothers, Gage and James, lovingly referred to as “Beer Guy.” Who knows, the cold and desolate east coast winter may just be boring enough to bring the band back together. Here’s hoping.

One Davis, the younger named Carl, will be playing at Matchless this Saturday night for the Orca Age Birthday Party. Orca Age is JP05. See details here.

The Shakes: Gee Whiz