Memoryhouse is Canadian. They are from Ontario. Denise and Evan. They have beautiful voices. Evan was cool enough to send me this Grizzly Bear cover for everyone. Their treatment of “Foreground” is nice and soft feeling. The recording is so warm– it makes me want to curl up in a big soft blanket and stare longingly out the window at the buildings, wishing they were trees with birds in them.

I’m not a big Grizzly Bear fan. I think they are incredible musicians but for some reason their music is a bit sappy for my ears. They make me want to curl up in a big soft blanket and fall asleep.

I think the female vocals on this is what makes the song really work. Also the Grizzly Bear version has a church-like ambiance and heavy handed drum echoes all over it. This version is a bit more restrained.

Memoryhouse’s original stuff is very dreamlike…Check out “To The Lighthouse” on Transparent…

Memoryhouse: Foreground