Foto by Katie Ford

Wednesday is the day that makes you want to head for the hills. Wednesday is the day that makes you happy because it’s almost the weekend. Wednesday is the worst day of the week, sometimes. So why was I out of bed before 7 am today and headed for the YMCA Elliptical Machine? Anyway, that was an ok experience because “Saved By The Bell” was on. (Except it was the Tori years- bleh). Anyway, this is why i’m feeling ok about Wednesday. This= Small Black‘s track “Pleasant Experience.”

This song sounds like you’re trapped in a spaceship with headphones on. You’re floating because there’s no gravity. There are some mechanical issues, maybe failures that result in slight beeping sounds that you can hear even though you’ve got headphones on. But you’re not scared– it’s a “Pleasant Experience.”

Small Black: Pleasant Experience

This track is off the just released self-titled 12″. Get it from Cass Club. Small Black is playing Cake Shop on Dec. 12.