By Daniel Szymanowski

Dan Lopatin has been a friend of mine since 2000 when we first arrived at Hampshire College as little guppies. He was the first person to turn me on to Medeski, Martin and Wood. Look how far we’ve come! Lopatin, who goes by Oneohtrix Point Never, is about to release his debut double-album on No Fun Productions, Rifts, and tonight is playing a release show with the likes of Carlos Giffoni (No Fun Fest and Productions mastermind) and Northampton Wools (featuring Thurston Moore) at Glasslands in Williamsburg.

His music paints brilliant quilts of sound on your brain– the compositions are  sonic differences melded together. It’s fascinating to listen to this really long, epic track, “Physical Memory,” and try and make sense of it.

Oneohtrix Point Never: Physical Memory