On Saturday early evening (my favorite time of day, why can’t more shows be hosted at this hour? It is dark!) I headed to the Brooklyn Museum for Who Shot Rock and Roll? and the Todd P sponsored first Saturday band showcase. The photography exhibit was packed to the gills with the crowd you’d expect: yuppies taking in rock and roll in a clean environment, Gen X-ers with their badly behaved kids, and youth absorbing the images of those that came before them- (and before the Internet).

In fact- this show could not exist were the Internet around when these pictures were shot. They would be far too well known and no one would be interested in seeing them in a museum.

With Who Shot Rock and Roll came the opportunity to open windows on the lives of rock stars– but unfortunately only stale images (most of which i’d seen before) were on display. With the exception of a few candid shots- most from the 80s, one of Madonna in civilian clothes on the Lower East Side and one of Bruce Springsteen surrounded by young girls in track shorts– most were all posed pictures of bands posturing. What would really have made the show more interesting would be some b-roll photos, catching Mick Jagger off guard, for example.

Regardless- everyone loves a rock star.

Downstairs Grass Widow was on stage and seeing a real live band after all those pictures was refreshing. The threesome of women pack a really hard and distorted punch. Their music was jumpy and catchy punk rock yet they had a flowery Laurel Canyon look and vibe about them. It’s a potent mix. The bass sound was very Kim Deal, (heavy, rich, deliberate) which is of course really fucking great. With three part harmonies and a garage-rock sound, Grass Widow had everyone shaking. I shot rock and roll:

Grass Widow: Celebrate the Mundane