Just when I was getting tired of Best Coast and thinking that her sound was good but her songs were not, a new track has surfaced. You can download it and listen to it at Black Iris, the label putting out the track, but i’ve posted it here below too. You can also stream the b-side.

This song, “When I’m With You” features classic lines like “I hate sleeping alone” and “The world is lazy/ but you and me/ we’re just crazy” and “when i’m with you we have fun.” Not much thoughtful stuff going on here, but that’s ok because this song has added instrumentation that fills it out. I think there may even be live drums up on there. Background ooh’s and ahhh’s as well as a great surf-rock solo that sounds like it’s coming from over behind the Hollywood Hills makes this song more than just simple.

Best Coast: When I’m With You