Small Black is one of those bands that have been in my mind’s eye for a while now but for some reason they keep slipping out of view, out of grasp. Anyway we are here now to discuss the psyched-out-ness of Small Black’s music.

Hailing from, where else?, Brooklyn, the band makes music that is heavy with swirly guitars and electronic blips of some sort. A pretty voice sings lightly over the top of all the heavy noise and notes– it’s a good mix, let’s say.

Small Black have been getting a lot of attention for their great track “Despicable Dogs” and even Washed Out remixed that shit. Talk about being current. This song below, “Kings of Animals” is a little different. It’s got a cleaner sound (not counting the elephant sounds in the back of the mix and the reverb-heavy vocal track) and the drums sound like… I don’t know what. A drum machine? Take a listen.

Small Black play Saturday night at the Market Hotel with Pictureplane— who is CRAZYYYY. Check out a track by the boy from Denver below, too.

Small Black: Kings of Animals

Pictureplane: Goth Star