Last week at the Chocolate Bobka/Underwater People’s/Olde English Spelling Bee Monkeytown event I saw Julian Lynch. Not in IRL (in real life), no. But it was live over the internet. He played the clarinet. The sound was really stark and almost dreamlike and got me wondering about the mind inside someone who makes music like that. It’s easier to relate to “rock stars” or loud wailing guitar players, at least on a surface level. It’s not difficult to understand the task of the hype man. But what about those people that fiddle around with tapes and hiss and clarinets to make music? What is in their minds? I unfortunately don’t have the answer. But if you listen to the music of Julian Lynch maybe you can figure it out for yourself. You can get some of it here. Music isn’t subjective, after all…

Lefse Records is releasing this tune below, “Sister,” on an upcoming 7″. Thanks to Weekly Tape Deck for the alert.

Julian Lynch: Sister