Photo by Joseph Seiders

I’m a big fan of this pretty voiced, guitar ripping, Massachusetts songstress. Juliana Hatfield‘s career is seemingly never ending, and it’s been wildly entertaining to follow. She also just writes the most gut wrenching and perfectly simplistic songs.

The best thing about Hatfield is she really feels things. When bad things happen she is affected and writes about it. And she broadcasts it too. Ever read her twitter??

Hatfield’s last album, How To Walk Away, was a disaster in my mind. The songs were okay but they suffered a great deal under heavy handed production that tried to make them poppy. But that’s Juliana for you. She talked a lot about Kelly Clarkson during those years. She tried things, she changes herself. Anyone remember Made In China from 2005? That was a rip roaring and distorted, messy and almost anarchic album. This next album, Peace and Love, due out on February 16, is Juliana stripped down.

I can’t wait.

Also, for all you Lemonheads fans and gossip mongers there’s a track on there called “Evan” that is going to directly address their long standing and complicated relationship. Some songs are on her Myspace and on her Daytrotter Session.

BONUS: Live Recording from Hatfield’s concert at the Beachcomber in Wellfleet, MA, Aug. 5, 2005. Recording by Bill B.

Juliana Hatfield: Dame With A Rod