After a long, wet and exhausting Friday night, I slept a long time. On Saturday morning I was so happy to be in bed that I didn’t get out of it until about 1. I watched Mad Men and Bored to Death and read the paper and drank coffee. All in bed. When I did finally leave it was only because I had heard Brooklyn Bowl had awesome fried chicken. (It’s true.)

I got to Brooklyn Bowl just as Surfer Blood was about to play, talk about great timing. I’d never been to this monstrosity before, but let me just say, “damn.” How can a place be both fancy and comfortable? Three words. Big, Leather, Couches.

Honestly, I expected a lot from Surfer Blood. Even The Times was giving the band high approval ratings. I wasn’t impressed. Sure, they were tight and the singer’s vocal stylings were very, very hip, but there just wasn’t anything really going on. Or rather, there wasn’t much of anything substantial going on. When the guitar player broke a string the band’s sound was almost better- less fussy, more direct.

That said, I think Surfer Blood have a ton pf potential. And they’re only like, 18, so seriously how good could they really be??

After a delicious lunch I headed to Cameo for Underwater Peoples’ showcase. I didn’t want to pay and I was lucky because the sets I especially wanted to see were performed in the bar area and were thus free.

Alex Bleeker played first. He strummed his way through a handful of acoustic songs that reminded me of campfire sing along type tunes. I felt like I was back in college- what with the vibe in there and all. Everyone was gathered around Bleeker, (who was accompanied by Alex from Mountain Man, they went to Bennington together), and some people were sitting on the floor. It was an intimate and beautiful experience. Here’s a taste:

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Next up was Mountain Man, and they sang with as much heart and soul as they had on Tuesday. The girls arrived from Vermont literally 5 minutes before Alex Bleeker’s set — but they weren’t flustered. They were right there in their element- singing loudly and with shrill as if their voices could lift them up and carry them away. At one point they climbed up on a bench and sang. Why not go higher and higher?