It’s about time for a Tanlines/Restless People post. I’m not sure what to call this set of bands- a collective? The website “Family Edition” posts info on Restless People and also about another group, Newborn Huskies. But I don’t think Tanlines is a part of that “Family” even though they kind of are in reality. Anyway- all of these bands were once in Professor Murder

Restless People is Jesse Cohen (also in Tanlines), Mike Bell-Smith (once in Professor Murder), Eric Emm (also in Tanlines) and Tony Blankets (i think that’s his real name, he is also Newborn Huskies and was in Professor Murder).

Tanlines is Jesse and Eric. Eric is one half of Brothers, and Jesse works over there, too.

Tanlines are playing a lot of CMJ shows, see their Twitter for details. And Restless People are playing their first show ever on Monday, opening for another first timer, Washed Out, at Santos Party House. WOOOOO it’s gonna be fun.

All of this is party time music, by the way.

Restless People: Days of our Lives (Light in Mix)