Pic by Gorilla Vs. Bear

Pic by Gorilla Vs. Bear

Chris Taylor‘s Terrible Records debut, a split 7″ between his project, CANT, and Arthur Russell, is extremely intricate, full sounding and luscious. The man certainly knows how to make a recording. The song “Ghosts” actually sounds like a million ghosts floating in and out of a room. Taylor records in a church studio that likely has huge cavernous ceilings and acoustics fit for angels. So yeah, the song sounds great. The song itself? I can’t say it’s great.

The guitar sounds are rich and the echo on the vocals capture a haunting mood, but there is hardly any song structure and not a bit of catch. Much like Grizzly Bear’s output, (Taylor is in that band), the song builds and builds and never goes anywhere. This could be a case of too much thought put into something, not enough heart.

Regardless, it’s a recording accomplishment. Taylor knows what he’s doing. I look forward to Terrible Records’ next release from Acrylics.

CANT: Ghosts