The Wire Magazine is a hefty music journal out of England. It’s very serious stuff. Heavy writing, theory, reviews- all of bands that are worthy of dissection. Music for survival, not entertainment. Overall anyway. Suffice it to say, they are arbiters of good taste.

Sometimes when you buy The Wire you get a CD Sampler, too, which they call Tapper. I got Tapper 17 in Spring, 2007. Little did I know that on that almost useless digital platform called the “compact disc” would be a song that is worth wayyy more than just some simple file, given away for free. To me, it meant everything for a couple of months. Then i forgot about it. That’s the way things go. Recently, I found Tapper 17.

The song, “Sudden Sun,” is by a Oxford band, Jonquil. The band is on Try Harder Records, which appears to be a decent boutique label. The song is utterly gorgeous in its instrumentation and the echoes and choruses swell like flowers after a long rain. Maybe this is a song better suited for Spring but so what. It feels good right now, too.

Jonquil: Sudden Sun