Hopefully this won’t screw me out of a Thurston Moore interview in the near future but this shit is just going one step too far. Ok. Let me calm down and explain. They are performing live on “Gossip Girl.” Ok, I can accept that. They are releasing a single of the song they are playing on “Gossip Girl.” Ok…i’m still alright. The song they are releasing is an acoustic version of the ever-cool, awesome “fuck you to all who fuck with me” song, “Star Power.” WHAT??? (I wrote about why I love the song, and you can get the mp3, here.)

Now, I am not trying to tell Sonic Youth what they should do, to retain a shred of authenticity or purity, or whatever. I’m asking them this: why why why would you take such a perfect song and desecrate its history, its meaning?? Do you really think you’re turning little kids onto Sonic Youth? No. And you know it. That’s why you’re releasing it with hand printed and numbered posters, because you know your die hard fans will want something meaningful.

I like the fact that they want to release an acoustic version, (what is it, 23 years after the album on which it came out, EVOL, my favorite Sonic Youth album, was released?) I like that they are doing that. Timing it with “Gossip Girl” is what really pisses me off. And it’s not about this show in general, it could be any show. Sonic Youth- you’ve gone too far. You’ve embraced sponsorships and shitty pop culture and now you’re saturated.

Extinction is next.