This song, “Freak in Nature” by Frat Dad is so jammy, it makes me want to transport myself to a place (and time) where driving doesn’t have such a bad rap, and where smoking cigarettes is like drinking water. Cos this song makes me want to drive around, smoke cigarettes and blast this song, maybe en route to a house party. Hmmmm, I just figured it out. This song makes me nostalgic.

Yup, if you haven’t guessed, this is another one from the peeps over at Underwater People’s. You can stream the song and buy the clear vinyl 7″ on which “Freak in Nature” is the b-side here. While you’re there, you may as well pick up some other gems- but be warned, there are many.

Frat Dad play a few upcoming CMJ shows, get there.

By the way, the note above is by a 4th grader about Frat Dad- further evidence that rock and roll and rebellion go together…

Frat Dad: Freak in Nature