Trevor Wilson is responsible, with Andrew Barton, for Open Face Records (the label behind Mountain Man, who i’ve certainly gushed over, as have others). Wilson, besides organic gardening in Vermont (that’s what he’s been doing the past few months), is also producing the Mountain Man album, out in January on Underwater Peoples, and still finds time to do his own music. MME’s got the first unveiling of a track off Wilson’s uncoming album. It’s called “Charcoal” and is unmastered and raw. Amelia from Mountain Man lends additional vocals.

This song sounds like it could only come from someone who’s been spending a lot of time in the dirt. It’s very strange and haunting, but still pleasant. The song starts with some awkward yodeling/yelling of a phrase that you’ll recognize. But after a few moments of circus-inspired music, comes the beauty. Especially interesting is the guitar wayyyy in the back of the mix. Will it stay there? Stream it here. Get it below.

Trevor Wilson: Charcoal