Because the fucking Screaming Females were on stage and it was amazing! The experience at Death by Audio on Saturday night was two-fold. First, there was The Maze and then there was the band. Both were intriguing.

I think this was the whole point of The Maze: to make the audience member more aware of their surroundings, and thus, add to their experience. If the walls weren’t built up around us, we wouldn’t know there were walls at all, physical or meta-physical. So yeah, the Maze was a little weird because a lot of people had a hard time seeing. But, if you’re aggressive like me (I guess I do have the added benefit of being short), you can push your way to the front. The sculptures and aqua-resin creatures were fucking cool.

The Screaming Females certainly interacted with The Maze. They inspired so much crash-dancing and stage diving that one wall actually came down. The walls came down! How much more meaningful can this get?

But seriously, I’ve never been so into a band so fast. This was my first live show with the S.F.’s, and after literally two seconds I was madly dancing and screaming. Paternoster plays her Fender like a demon, and she wails like a dying cow. And this is extremely beautiful. The band plays tightly wound guitar punk with a no-nonsense swagger.

The crowd was loving it too, and the dedication of the stage divers- both men and women alike- was inspiring. Jumping into a HUGE crowd of people, all with their fists pumping already, i get that. Jumping into a much smaller crowd, that was divided by walls? Not sure about how smart that is…but i commend those that did it, for sure.

I could have gone for at least 10 more Screaming Females songs, and that’s saying a lot. It was hot in there.