The Future of Music Coalition is an advocacy and research organization that works to defend creative expression, freedom of the airwaves and other pro-democracy and open-dialogue type stuff. Every year the Coalition has a Policy Summit with tons of panels, speakers and other awesome stuff. This years Summit is in DC at Georgetown, Oct. 4-6. I wish I were going, but I missed the press registration cutoff and I don’t want to pay! Anyway they are webcasting the whole thing for free, so that’s rad. Some panel topics:

10 Years After Napster

Future of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Intellectual Property, Privacy and Network Rights

Noted panelists: Sen. Al Franken, Mike Mills (REM), Wayne Kramer (MC5), Mac McCaughan (Merge Records, Superchunk), Julius Genachowski (FCC Chair)

History: the Coalition was founded by the amazing Jenny Toomey (ex. Tsunami, an amazing band).