Damn what an assault! This new track, “Summer Magic” off MV & EE’s forthcoming release, Barn Nova, is crazy! It’s like the Grateful Dead mixed with Dinosaur Jr. licks mixed with elements of Wagner set alongside a raging river. There is so much going on here- tripped out stoner jams, extended noisy solos, even Neil Young style scare tactics. I can’t wait to hear the whole album.

MV & EE live in the backwoods of Vermont and probably roll around in vegetable gardens for inspiration. Whatever they do- it works. I’m so tranced out on this.

I interviewed Matt and Erika and this is what they said about inspiration:

Q. Where do you get inspiration for your music?

MV. nature, pathways to unknown worlds, known trails

Q. What do you mean you get inspiration from “known trails”?

MV. rivers, sunsets, comets, contrails. afterglow of the great noise and minimalists that have come before.

The band is on the road and will stop at Issue Project Room on Oct. 16.

MV&EE: Summer Magic

MV&EE: Summer Magic