I saw Ari Up perform at CMJ last fall- it was unreal. The woman has so much fire and passion and attitude. And she was up on the stage at Santos Party House with tons of boys and men and still dominated and commanded respect. Ari Up mixes her British punk rootsy background with dub beats. The result is a glorious clash- it can only be described as a sensual meeting of the minds.

Up is most famous for her work with The Slits– a late 70s British dub group made up of all women. After 25 years the group is back with a new album. I’ve been listening to Trapped Animal for months- but it’s not officially out until Oct. 20. A track, “Ask Ma,” is available for stream over at RCRD LBL.

“Men who need us, to be their mother, men who hate us, because of their mother.” INDEED.