Whenever I’m away for just a couple of days it seems I miss so much! Is it all of importance?? I think so. Based on the fever pitch of Twitter messages and dozens of press releases and eager emails from young bands, exciting things are happening.

Biggest News: Pavement Reunion Tour, 2010. Details here.

Second Biggest News: Washed Out track is based on a loop from a 1983 gem by Gary Low. Details here. Bloggers care. PFork still gives the album an 8. I agree with them.

Third Biggest News: New Weed Diamond track. I love how a new one is out every week. This one is called “Arlington Baby” and features a somber piano line. The echoes and murmers and faint longing is all there on this one. “I wanna slow down.” “I wanna fall in love.”

Weed Diamond: Arlington Baby
(thanks to Get Off The Coast)

Weed Diamond: Arlington Baby

Fourth?? I know i’m forgetting a bunch of shit. Oh well. Starting new, not looking back.

Oh yeah, and Kanye did some nutty shit. What’s up with him? Get outta Barack’s face at the very least! Jesus.