While Paste’s brief bit makes it sound like it’s been awhile since JH has put anything out (not true, she generally puts an album out every year and last year released an autobiography as well), the story does reveal two bits of info that are of GREAT interest. 1. It’s going to be “more acoustic- based.” 2. A song named after Evan Dando will be on it. Oh shit. Her book, “When I Grew Up” revealed a lot about Hatfield’s past, including her past with Dando, will this song go even further?

Her most recent album, How to Walk Away was a little light for me. Here’s hoping this new record will be more biting. I think it will be. I follow Hatfield on Twitter and she is very, very open about her life and feelings. Her dog was recently hit by a car, for one thing.

The album is called Love and Peace and is out Jan. 12 on Hatfield’s own Ye Olde Records.