So in keeping with the crazed 90s nostalgia thing going on, and to feed the Gen Xers hungry for more products that proved their youth was real, and just because this show was the shit, the big cats are releasing a super definitive and spruced up DVD/CD box set of Nirvana at Reading in 1992.

This was a headlining gig for Nirvana- and is widely hailed as one of their best and most “with it” performances. (Take that as you will, come as you are.) It’s the show where Cobain entered the stage in a wheelchair wearing a white lab coat. The band also played like 25 songs, including nearly every track off Nevermind.

This release apparently got the “ok” from the band, I presume that means Courtney, too? Dave Grohl has kept himself chewing bubblegum for over a decade and Krist Novoselic? Well, he dropped out of that local election in Washington.

All Nirvana fans and lovers of the 90s should probably get this. If it’s not too $$$ that is. We’ll see. The set is out on Nov. 3 and the CD, DVD and 2LP versions on Nov. 24.

For all of those disgusted with Kurt and his “appearance” on “Rock Band” or “Guitar Hero” or whatever, this is a good thing to think about instead.

Here’s a taste, unmastered, obviously: “This is a song for all you bootleggers!”