This Mad Decent block party- was anyone there? Can you attest to how fun it was? This video makes it look like a fucking crazy scene. But my guess is that the editor on this shit made it look hotter than it was. And i’m sure it was 105, being Philly and all.

Also- what the F is with this guy Skerrit Bwoy? He is cranked for sure. “I’m singin and dancin i’m probably gonna be having sex.” I have to say some of the booty dancing shown here is very offensive. Remember that deal with Akon, doing sexually explicit shit with a young girl on TV in a performance and he had to apologize. Or it was at least a big deal. Is that just because he’s pretty mainstream? (I think he was on tour with Gwen Stefani at the time). Watch this (starts around 4:30) and tell me it doesn’t look like total male domination- the woman is holding a wall, all bent over for chrissake. Sigh. I hate getting like this, but COME ON.

Shout Puritan all you want. But guess what- this wouldn’t be considered as “hot” if it were a girl doing it to a guy. Nor would it likely happen. It’s ingrained in culture that women are submissive to men.

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