Brooklyn Bowl, a new (albeit sanitized) venue in Williamsburg, is handing the reigns over to Bowery Presents. And why not? Bigger bookers and promoters means bigger acts means more tickets sold means more money! A duh this is a no brainer deal!

Why hand the power over to the corporate behemoth? The only good thing that will come of it is money, and more of the same shows. But that’s what they want. Bowery Presents doesn’t take chances with unknown bands (maybe a few in opening slots at the Merc.), and why should they? They are doing what they do to make money- which is why expansion is good for them. This is Economics 101.

Thank god this is NY and there are options. Hopefully Bowery Presents won’t come knocking on the door of the Silent Barn anytime soon. Trust me, it’s hard to say no to dolla dolla bills.