OK, so judging by all the press lately (most of it bad) of joke (?) rap group Das Racist, I thought it an opportune moment to discuss coverage. If these guys stink (I’ve never seen them, so I can’t really say) then why are so many people/blogs/outlets covering them? And if the band is a joke, which is a little unclear as of now if they are or not, then again, why are people going to see them and why do all the cultural arbitrators care? The thing is, people are interested in music, art, whatever for various reasons. And that reason is not always because said cultural product is worthy. A lot of times people are intersted in something for the exact opposite reason, because it stinks. And when people are interested, whatever is is deserves coverage.

Brooklyn Vegan just posted a review of the Das Racist free for all “show” at Public Assembly. The writer said it was “one of the worst live shows” he’d ever seen, but then proceeded to write in detail about it, and post MANY pics of it. There are tons of comments building up complaining about the amount of coverage Das Racist is getting. Most complaints focus on the fact that the band seems to not take itself seriously- instead of performing their songs they invite all their friends on stage, for what should really happen in private, not in a live performance setting. Those complaints I agree with. No one wants to see a group jam session by people who don’t know what they’re doing. Unless the people in the band are your friends too. Wait- is that what’s happening here? Audience members should be jealous that they’re not “friends” and therefore not cool enough to be on stage?

The number of comments, however vitriolic, and no matter how much they all say they don’t want joke bands covered, will effectively keep this band (and others like it) in the news.